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Want to reach RV'rs with your product or service?

Why not advertise on this website!

Here's how it works; You agree to make a contribution towards the expenses of one of our Samboree's and you will get a free 100 X100 (max) px ad/logo displayed on the Samboree information page. Samboree's are attended by not only Good Sam members within Louisiana, but from across the country with special emphasis on our neighboring states members.

 Leading up to each Samboree, it is not unusual to have more than 300 hits to the info page. You supply the ad/logo and it will be displayed when the Fall or Spring info page is ready and will continue to be displayed until the page is deactivated at the close of the appropriate Samboree. Our webmaster tries to get the info pages up as soon as possible. Normally the next years Spring info page is ready within 2 months of the close of the previous Spring Samboree. So you are effectively looking at about 10 months of your ad being seen!

Current placement will be in the vicinity of the rate section of the page. To be fair to all, ad placement will start above the rate section as they are received by the webmaster and when that area is full, ads will be placed under the rate section and then throughout the information area as needed.

The below left is a graphic that is 100 X 100 px the right one is 100 X 35 for demonstration of appearance. Both of these may appear fuzzy as they have both been adjusted from their original size for this demonstration. This is why we ask that you supply the graphic. Your IT person can pre-edit the size better than we can.


Acceptable formats are BMP, GIF, or JPG. GIF animations are acceptable as long as the file size is not too large. No flash presentations and all hyperlinks must be directed to your home website and not to any third party website.

For more information please contact our webmaster .