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2006 Schedule

January 13-15 Whispering Creek
Newton, TX

February 10-12 Poche's Fish Camp

March 10-12 Lincoln Park

April 13-16 Samboree

May 12-14 Fawcowee

June 9-11 Judy Claire

July 7-9 RRWC

August 11-13 Riverwiew

September 8-10 Ken's Place

October 12-14 Nakatosh

November 2-5  Samboree

December 1-3 Judy Claire

Cenla Roadrunners is a chapter of the Good Sam Club. We have members from all across the great state of Louisiana who share our love of traveling, camping and superb fellowship!

We try to limit our monthly campouts to within a two hour drive of central Louisiana and caravanning to the campground (not required). Friday is arrival day and supper is on your own or a 'bring-your-own-groceries. Saturday is a pancakes and sausage breakfast, golf, sightseeing, shopping or whatever gets dreamed up (napping is a favorite activity!). We find a nearby restaurant and go eat as a group that evening!

Board games, card games, horseshoes and no telling what else are the fare for both nights and even during the day ( for those not napping). Sunday is head home day. The coffee pot is always running during all three days.

If you would love to get away at least once a month, want to visit different campgrounds, are tired of sitting in the camper watching tv and enjoy people, then come try us out. You can camp with us as a guest before applying for membership to see if you don't agree that the Cenla Roadrunner's Good Sam Chapter isn't the best.

For more information;

Mike (Shirley) O'Brien - President - 640-8833

Thom (Bonnie) Kinsman - Wagonmaster - 442-8459



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