The Louisiana Good Sam Website has moved !!

We are trying out a new web hosting service.

If all works well we will have the below address permanently.

Anyway, to access our new website, simply click on the above www address and you will be cyber-transported to our new home.

Please add the new address to your Favorites or Bookmarks.

If you experience any problems with the new website or have a comment, drop the webmaster an email at;

Oh yea!! We will have a new email address also!!!

The new service will really allow us to grow our website easier and the new email system will allow each officer of the organization to have his/her own email address.

The best part is that the cost is within pennies of what the old is was costing. We will continue to hold the old website in reserve in case the new one doesn't work out and will revert back to it if necessary.

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